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Doctor of Health Science (DHSc)

The Doctor of Health Science Degree is focused on teaching students to comprehend and adapt scientific knowledge and apply it in a manner that exemplifies clinical excellence. The Doctor of Health Science degree shall prepare occupational and physical therapists to become leaders in the areas of clinical practice and academia through the development of advanced and concentrated practice skills. The degree will assist students in making meaningful contributions in their respective professions.

Program Overview

Students must complete a total of 60 credits. There are 49 required credits of core courses included in the curriculum. Of these 49 credits, fifteen credits are based on clinical coursework and additional credit can be obtained for certifications, residency or fellowship programs. The additional 11 credits are completed through electives, independent studies, teaching internships or a combination of all three.

Courses in the D.H.Sc. program are delivered predominantly at a distance. Students will take part in designing a curriculum that can be completed online, in a weekend seminar format, or a combination of both. In addition to the program's coursework, there are two required weekend residencies.

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