Continuing Education


Seminar Descriptions

Below is a listing of printable seminar descriptions.

Advanced Cranio-Facial

Advanced Manipulation Including Thrust of the Spine & Extremities

Animal Assisted Therapy:  Improving Treatment Outcomes

Animals as Motivators: Dolphin-Assisted Therapy

Applied Musculoskeletal Imaging for Physical Therapists

Basic Cranio-Facial

Basic Cranio-Facial Online

Caregiver Training 1:  Assessment and Treatment of Dementia

E1- Extremity Evaluation & Manipulation

E2- Extremity Integration

Exercise Strategies and Progression for Musculoskeletal Dysfunction

Haven Horse Ranch's Equine Assisted Therapy Instructor Seminar

Haven Horse Ranch's Equine Assisted Therapy - Review & Testing

Intermediate Cranio-Facial

MF1- Myofascial Manipulation

Physical Agent Modalities for Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants

Running Rehabilitation:  An Integrative Approach to the Examination and Treatment of the At Risk Runner

S1- Spinal Evaluation and Manipulation

S2- Advanced Evaluation & Manipulation of Pelvis, Lumbar & Thoracic Spine Including Thrust

S3- Advanced Evaluation & Manipulation of Cranio-Facial, Cervical & Upper Thoracic Spine

S4- Functional Analysis & Management of Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex

State of the Art Cranio-Facial

The Older Adult with a Neurological Impairment

The Pediatric Client with a Neurological Impairment

Upper Limb Soft Tissue Mobilization for Occupational Therapy