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New Driving Simulation Technology

Dr. Jerilyn Callen introduces new driving simulation technology in the Center for Innovative Clinical Practice (CICP) at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. PT and OT practitioners can use the driving simulators to evaluate and rehabilitate drivers who have sustained functional loss due to accidents, trauma or medical conditions. For high-risk impairments, simulators can provide needed patient insight into their risk behind the wheel without exposing anyone to the real dangers of the road.

Driving is a complex and dangerous task that requires simultaneous engagement of sensory, perceptual, cognitive, and motor systems. The driving simulator is an ideal tool for students to measure and address human functioning. These driving simulators are engineered to facilitate diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation and produces real-world, evidence-based results. It is one of the latest pieces of technology in the Center for Innovative Clinical Practice at University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.

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