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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

What is the IRB?

The IRB (Institutional Review Board) consists of four doctoral faculty members, at least one non-university member with a medical/scientific background, and at least one non-university member from the general public with no medical/scientific background (a layman).

The current IRB for the Florida campus consists of:

Lisa Chase, PhD, PT; Jeffrey Rot, PT, DHSc; Co-Chairs
Jackie Crossen-Sills, PT, PhD
Larry Mengelkoch, PT, PhD
Elwood Nelson, MS
Gregory Oxford, DDS, MS, PhD
Anthony Palazzo
Prerna Poojary-Mazzotta, PhD(c), OTR/L
Julie Watson, PhD, OTR/L


The current IRB for the California campus consists of:

Susan McNulty, OTD, OTR/L; Marilyn Miller, PhD, PT, GCS, Co-Chairs
Patricia Benson, PhD
Jennie DiGrado, OTD, OTR/L
Dan Doe

Kristen Johnson, PT, EdD, MS, NCS
Edward Kane, PT, PhD, ECS, SCS, ATC
Kayla Smith, PT, DSC, OCS, COMT


The current IRB for the Texas campus consists of:

Elizabeth Ardolino, PT, PhD, Chair
Dacyl Armendariz, BS
Kunal Bhanot, PT, PhD, MTC
Nicole Borman, PT, PhD, OCS, CSCS
Nicole Dzurilla, PT, DPT
Lawrence Faulkner, PhD, OT
Thomas Werner, PT, MA, PhD

The IRB meets monthly to review research proposals involving the use of human subjects. The purpose of the IRB is to protect the human rights of those subjects and keep them from harmful procedures.

Who needs IRB review?

All projects involving human subjects must receive IRB approval before research can begin.

  1. If students/faculty are involved in collecting data for research that falls under the umbrella of the University of St. Augustine they MUST HAVE IRB approval.
  2. If the case report is being done for a class (not resulting in presentation or publication), it DOES NOT require IRB approval but as always patient confidentiality should be protected.
  3. If the research is being done for any type of presentation/publication it DOES require IRB approval.
  4. If USA IRB approval is necessary and if the case report/research involves another facility (clinic, hospital, etc.) it must have facility approval to use/collect the data as well.
  5. If the research involves another institution, it must have IRB approval from both, the USA IRB and the other institution(s).
  6. EXPEDITED REVIEW: If the research is being done for a class (and results in a presentation/publication) OR if the research involves(ed) collecting/analyzing pre-existing data (previous patients, chart reviews, etc.) and/or survey research.
       a.  If surveys are involved in the research, the Informed Consent can be part of the survey.
  7. FULL REVIEW: Any other research involving human subjects.
  8. Utilization of the INFORMED CONSENT/INFORMATION RELEASE FORM: 7th term Case Report and Transitional DPT (t-DPT) and Transitional OTD (t-OTD) candidates incorporating current patients for case reports.

How do I get IRB review?

The IRB committee meets once each month. Please review IRB meeting dates (see page 3 below) as meeting schedule is subject to change. Any submissions for consideration must be received a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance (FL & TX) or by the 1st of every month (CA) of the meeting to allow the committee members time to read the submitted materials

Please direct all questions on submission deadlines or meeting times to the administrative support person on the appropriate campus as follows:

  • Cindy Kingry on the Florida St. Augustine campus via e-mail (
    or phone: (904) 770-3534 (direct) or (800) 241-1027 x1234.
  • Melissa Williams on the California campus by email (
    or phone: (760) 591-3012 x2468 or (866) 557-3731 x2468.
  • Edie Holmes on the Texas campus by email (
    or phone: (512) 394-9766 x3151 or (855) 384-9965 x3151.

A 1) simple cover letter (without a header or page number) stating your request, addressed to the IRB committee, 2) IRB proposal and 3) Informed Consent forms should be sent to the Administrative Assistant on the appropriate campus.

Proposals to the Florida campuses should be submitted via e-mail to Cindy Kingry at
Proposals to the California campus should be submitted via e-mail to Melissa Williams at
Proposals to the Texas campus should be submitted via e-mail to Edie Holmes at

If emailed proposals are unsigned, you must fax the proposal signature page with the appropriate signatures, to: (904) 827-0069 (FL), (760) 591-3053 (CA) or (512) 394-9764 (TX).

Proposals can be mailed to:

USAHS 1 University Blvd; St. Augustine, FL  32086
700 Windy Point Drive, San Marcos CA  92069
5401 La Crosse Ave, Austin TX 78619

Be sure to proofread all information prior to submission and use the checklists that are included in this information. Errors will delay the committee’s decision and/or require re-submission.

What is the IRB review process?

The IRB review process includes the following:

  • Proposal documentation is received, including cover page which clearly indicates Expedited or Full review of IRB documents, two weeks prior to the next IRB meeting.
  • Documents will be screened initially to assure adherence to basic submission guidelines
    • If paperwork is deemed complete/correct it will continue through the IRB process.
    • If paperwork is deemed incomplete/erroneous it will be sent back to the Principal Investigator.
  • Once past initial screening:
    • Primary and secondary reviewers are assigned by the chairperson.
    • The IRB meeting is confirmed.
  • The primary and secondary reviewers lead the discussion at the meeting.
  • The principal and/or secondary investigator should plan to be available either in person or by phone to address any questions/clarifications the IRB members might have.
  • Following the discussion, the members vote on one of the following:
    • APPROVED: Accept the proposal as is. Written approval is given for one year.
    • APPROVED WITH REVISIONS: Accept the proposal with minor revisions. Revisions should be resubmitted for final approval. Written approval is given for one year.
    • DENIED: Deny the proposal. The denial letter will outline the Board’s concerns. When the concerns are addressed, the proposal can be re-submitted to the IRB for review, and a vote.

NOTE:   Proposals which are still not approved following two re-writes will no longer be accepted by the IRB for consideration. 

2017 IRB Meeting Schedule and Submission Deadlines
(Submission deadline for EdD and DHSc students ONLY – 1st of each month)

FL campus
Meeting Date Submission Deadline
Deadline 5 p.m.
Eastern on:
Jan 18 Jan 4
Feb 15 Feb 1
Mar 15 Mar 1
Apr 12 Mar 29
TX campus
Meeting Date Submission Deadline
Deadline 5 p.m.
Central on:
Jan 18 Jan 4
Feb 15 Feb 1
Mar 15 Mar 1
Apr 19 Apr 5
May 17 May 3
Jun 21 Jun 7
Jul 19 Jul 5
Aug 16 Aug 2
Sep 20 Sep 6
Oct 18 Oct 4
Nov 15 Nov 1
Dec 20 Dec 6
CA campus
Meeting Date Submission Deadline
Deadline 5 p.m.
Pacific on:
Jan 9 Dec 30
Feb 6 Jan 30
Mar 6 Feb 27
Apr 3 Mar 27
May 1 Apr 24
Jun 5 May 29
Jul 3 Jun 26
Aug 7 Jul 24
Sep 4 Aug 28
Oct 2 Sep 25
Nov 6 Oct 30
Dec 4 Nov 27

Please remember to return to this page regularly when preparing a submission as meeting schedule is subject to change.

Does Your Project Need IRB Review and Approval?


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