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Curriculum Starting 2017

Effective Starting Fall 2016 in Miami, and January 2017 in St. Augustine, San Marcos, & Austin


 Courses Credits
Gross Anatomy I  4
Applied Anatomy I 1
Patient Care Management I 3
Evidence Informed Practice I 2
Pathophysiology 4
Physical Therapist Practice I 3
Soft Tissue Interventions I 1
Gross Anatomy II 4
Applied Anatomy II 1
Biomechanics 4
Imaging 2
Movement Science I 4
Musculoskeletal I: Introduction to Orthopedic Physical Therapy 4
Clinical Neuroscience 4
Neuromuscular I: Concepts and Evaluation 3
Movement Science II 4
Musculoskeletal II: Extremity 3
Differential Diagnosis 2
Pharmacology 2
Neuromuscular II: Evidence in Interventions 3
Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy 3
Patient Care Management II 3
Biophysical Agents 2
Physical Therapy for the Integumentary and Lymphatic Systems 1
Musculoskeletal III: Spine 3
Physical Therapist Practice II 3
Internship I 6
Prosthetics, Orthotics and Assistive Technology 3
Patient Care Management III 3
Soft Tissue Interventions II 2
Evidence-Informed Practice II 2
Neuromuscular III: Advanced Examination and Interventions 3
Pediatric Physical Therapy 3
Geriatric Physical Therapy 3
Musculoskeletal IV: Clinical Reasoning 3
Wellness and Health Promotion 3
Administration and Management in Rehabilitation Services 3
Internship II 11
Knowledge Translation for Clinical Practice 1
Evidence Informed Practice III 1
Internship III 11


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