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Post Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy FAQs

What choices do I have in completing this program?
You have several.  The University of St. Augustine has two delivery methods for coursework: pure online, or attending a seminar plus completing an online learning credit assignment following the seminar.   You have a wide selection of courses to choose from.  You select your courses based on your preference for delivery method and professional interests.
When can I apply?  What is required with the application?
The OTD-PP program has rolling admission.  After required application documents have arrived at the University, it takes approximately three (3) weeks for the review process.  You will need to provide a copy of your resume or curriculum vita, two (2) professional references, official transcripts, and the completed application form.
How long does the program take to complete?
Students entering the program with a Master’s degree in occupational therapy or a related field from another institution will complete 35 credits. Students with a bachelor’s degree in OT can complete the 60 credits necessary to earn the post professional OTD. Most students take 3-6 credits per term; there are three terms per year. There are options available for transfer of credits. It is important that you take courses each semester so you are able to graduate within the set timeframes. Most of our  OTD students work fulltime and are able to complete their coursework in the evenings and on weekends.
How do the online courses work?
After you register, you'll receive a password to enter the course through the University's website. The entire course is taken online with a group of students and features instructor led discussions on a bulletin board, audio/video clips, required readings, and weekly quizzes. You will be guided through the course content with a unit by unit breakdown of the information that includes a synchronous interaction with students and faculty. 
How do the seminar plus online courses work?
Seminars are held all around the United States and abroad. You register for the seminar and attend at a convenient location.  After the seminar, you take the online credit assignment.  The credit assignment consists of articles and/or textbooks to read, completion of an online course as described above, and a multiple choice exam. 
I've never taken an online course before. How will I know what to do?
The University of St. Augustine has an excellent online orientation program to help you learn how to navigate the platform and prepare to be an effective online learner. There is also a help section on all courses and readily available technical support for all online learners.  If you can write and send an email, and know how to access a web address on the Internet, you have the skills necessary to complete an online course.
How long after taking a seminar do I have to take the online portion? 
There is not a time limit between when you attend the seminar and when you start the online portion. You may need to purchase an updated seminar manual in order to complete the online academic credit assignment.
How many credits will I need? 
Can I transfer in credits? Bachelor’s level students will need 60 credits and Master's level students will need 35 credits to complete the Post Professional OTD program. At any time during the degree program, you may transfer in credits that pertain to the occupational therapy course of learning. The University will consider up to 5 graduate credits from other institutions provided they meet our criteria and you earned a grade of at least a B.
What is the Capstone Project? 
The Capstone Project is the final course in your post professional OTD program. You may choose to complete a community service project, clinical research project, or case report. You will be assigned a faculty advisor who has a similar area of practice interest who will oversee the development and completion of your project.
Does the University offer financial aid?
Loans are available, but there are no scholarships or grants at this time.  Please contact the Financial Aid office.  
Are the University and its degrees accredited?
Yes. The University is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education, to offer all of its degree programs. The University of St. Augustine’s entry level OT program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE). The physical therapy program (DPT) is fully accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). 
May I teach with a Post Professional OTD degree?
This is a clinical degree that many students entering occupational therapy are now earning. Therefore, this degree will probably not help you to garner a faculty position at a research-based university.

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