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Transcript Requests

Transcripts on Demand by Credentials eSCRIP-SAFE 

Finally!  No more forms to fill out.  Transcripts on Demand speeds up delivery.  Our automated system gives students the freedom to request transcripts online, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  Transcripts are delivered to academic institutions, prospective employers, licensing boards, and other recipients through the integrated Credentials eSCRIP-SAFE Global Electronic Transcript Delivery Network or by traditional mail.  

Transcript on Demand Request Form

Certification/Verification of Enrollment Request PDF Form


What is Transcripts on Demand™? 
Credentials eSCRIP-SAFE®  is designated as this school’s trusted agent for collecting and managing transcript orders using the web. The actual fulfillment (creation of the transcript) and delivery of the order are completed by the school. Transcripts on Demand™ is the name of the official transcript ordering service. 

Is the transcript I order through Transcripts on Demand™ considered 'official?’ 
Yes!  Ordering transcripts through Transcripts on Demand does not determine whether a transcript is official or not official. The status of the transcript is determined by the sending school’s policies and is the same as a transcript requested via mail or in person.  

Is my signature required to order a transcript? 
Your signature is required for all transcript orders. 

  • Electronic Signature –Signing into myUSA Portal requires a university-issued User ID and password, this is considered an electronic signature. To access Transcripts on Demand™ please select the Student Tab. When connected to Transcripts on Demand™ you will not be required to complete and return a signed Consent Form.  
  • Written Signature - If your school directs you to the Transcripts on Demand™ Web site ( you will be required to complete and sign a Consent Form the first time you use this service.  If you have misplaced your myUSA user ID and/or password, go to the University’s website under the Alumni and Friends tab to order your transcripts. 

Why is my signature required? 
Federal legislation, referred to as The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), provides specific requirements controlling the release of academic transcripts. FERPA requires that the student personally authorizes the release of his/her transcript to a third party. 

Can anyone sign the consent form on my behalf? 
No, you must personally authorize the release of your transcript by written or electronic signature. 

What happens if I do not return the signed Consent Form? 
You will be notified if a signed Consent Form is required. Signed consent forms must be received within fourteen (14) days of your order. Until the Consent Form is received you will receive an email message every day for 14 days reminding you to submit the form. After 14 days, your order will expire and a refund will be issued. The transcript service fee for each request will not be refunded. 

Where can I find the consent form?
The consent form can be located at

Please note that if you are ordering through the myUSA Portal Transcripts on Demand link you will not be required to complete the consent form as signing on to the myUSA Portal with your username and password qualifies as your electronic signature.
What if I need a form delivered with my transcript? 
Transcripts on Demand supports the uploading of up to five PDF documents.  You can upload PDF documents while you are placing your transcript order.  

What if I have a hold placed on my student account? 
If you have a hold on your student account you should take the appropriate steps to remove the hold.  Once the hold has been removed from your account, you will be able to place your request for transcripts. 

How much does it cost to order a transcript? 
Students will pay a $3.00 convenience fee for each request submitted and an additional $2.00 fee for each paper transcript requested.  For electronic transcript delivery only the $3.00 convenience fee is charged.  

How do I make payment for my transcript order? 
You will be required to make payment at the time of order with either a MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express debit or credit card.  For security purposes, please enter the exact billing address (where your bank sends your credit card statements) and the credit card security code. 

Is it safe to enter my credit card information on this Web site? 
Yes. Transcripts on Demand™ utilizes the most current security techniques to keep your personal information and identity secure. 

What is electronic transcript delivery? 
Your transcript is sent as a secure PDF document through the Credentials eSCRIP-SAFE® Global Electronic Transcript Delivery Network.  

How long will it take for my order to be received by the sending school? 
This is contingent upon the receipt of your consent form, if required. Once we receive your signed consent form, your order will processed as quickly as possible. Turnaround times are slower in times of high volume such as the beginning and ending of a term. Changes in the ordering status are emailed to you.
If you order your transcript through the Transcripts on Demand link on the myUSA portal, no consent form is required, so your order will be received more quickly. 

How can I check the current status of my transcript order? 
You may check the status of your transcript order by returning to the sign-on process you used to access Transcripts on Demand™ (either through the myUSA portal link or directly to 

How long will it take for my transcript to be delivered? 
If your recipient supports electronic transcript delivery, your transcript will be delivered immediately upon processing your request.  Actual delivery time for transcripts sent by U. S. first class mail or express mail service is at the discretion of the carrier. 

What should I do if my transcript has not been received? 
If your transcript was delivered electronically and you received notification of receipt, contact the receiver. If your transcript was mailed by U.S. first class mail, please ensure sufficient time for delivery. If your transcript was mailed using an express mail service, check the tracking number of the express service. If your transcript needs to be re-ordered, you will need to submit a new transcript order with payment. 

What is the importance of my email address? 
The Transcripts on Demand™ service utilizes email to provide you with important messages related to your transcript order. To ensure that you receive these messages please add to the safe list or white list in your email application. 

What if I need to make a change of address to my recipient information? 
You will need to place a new order. 

Must I use a specific Web browser to use the Transcripts on Demand™ service? 
There are sometimes differences in the manner a particular Web browser works with a specific Web application. Transcripts on Demand™ is specifically engineered to work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. It is recommended that you use the current release of your browser. 

What is JavaScript and why do I need to have this enabled to use Transcripts on Demand™? 
JavaScript is a support tool that is built into Web Browsers that allow the Web application to be interactive. Transcripts on Demand™ is a highly interactive application that displays informational messages to guide you through the ordering process. 

Who should I contact if I have further questions? 
If your question is about the content of your transcript (courses, grades, degree, etc.), you should contact your Registrar's Office at  .  If your question is about the ordering service, login difficulties, or email message notifications, contact Credentials eSCRIP-SAFE® at 1-847-716-3710, Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 7:00pm (Eastern Time). You may also send an email inquiry to  

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