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Curriculum Starting 2017

Effective Starting January 2017 in St. Augustine, San Marcos, & Austin


Term 1    
 OCT 5135C Anatomy Applied to Occupation 5
 OCT 5140 Domain of Occupational Therapy 4
Term 2    
 HSC 5130C Patient/Client Care Management I 3
 HSC 5135 Evidence - Informed Practice 2
 OCT 5145 Occupational Engagement 3
 OCT 5225C Process of Occupational Therapy 4
Term 3    
 OCT 5210 Scholarly Design 2
 OCT 5215C Human Movement for Occupational Performance 4
 OCT 5230 Conditions Impacting Occupational Performance 4
Term 4    
 HSC 5310C Clinical Neurosciences 4
 OCT 5335C Clinical Applications in Psych and Community 5
Term 5    
 OCT 5355C Clinical Applications in Pediatrics/Adolescence 5
 OCT 5340 Scholarly Implementation 2
 HSC 5665 Wellness and Health Promotion 3
Term 6    
 HSC 5670 Administration & Management 3
 OCT 5330C OT Methods I: Assistive Technology 3
 OCT 5410 Clinical Applications in Adulthood 5
Term 7    
 OCT 5425C Clinical Applications in Gerontology 5
 OCT 5445C OT Methods II: Orthotics, Prosthetics and Modalities 3
 OCT 5430 Scholarly Dissemination 2


  Fieldwork IIA 11
  Fieldwork IIB 11



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