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Ergonomics for Healthcare Providers

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14 Days

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This webinar is designed to provide overview of the definition, history, theoretical framework and approaches for the specialty area of ergonomics. It also includes exploration of the risks or prolonged standing and sitting and the application of ergonomic principles to these work scenarios. Client-centered approaches and universal design principles will be discussed and guidance through a computer station evaluation with recommended change examples with be provided.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
At the completion of this webinar the learner should be able to:

  • Define and understand a brief history of ergonomics
  • Gain an understanding of a client-centered framework in ergonomics
  • Understand universal design principles in ergonomic application
  • Identify advantages and strategies to maximize performance and minimize injury in standing and seated work-station set ups
  • Identify incorrect laptop/notebook computer use issues and suggest equipment adaptation, modifications and appropriate positioning for use

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