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A Revolutionary Approach to Musculoskeletal Health

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Musculoskeletal problems are the number one cost driver within the workers compensation system and within the top five diagnostic categories on the general health side. The current musculoskeletal paradigm within the U.S. healthcare system is not working and is leading to explosive claims and lost productivity. This presentation will outline a comprehensive program that focuses on prevention and conservative management of musculoskeletal problems. Comparisons between this new model and the current U.S. healthcare system will be utilized to illustrate the effectiveness of the approach in terms of clinical outcomes and the impact on employer costs.

Seminar Description:

  • Outline a comprehensive, Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT) based physical therapy program that emphases prevention & management of work related musculoskeletal problems.
  • Present case examples from clinical practice demonstrating the utilization & effectiveness of the OMPT approach outlined in the course.
  • Discuss implications for employer safety and wellness programs.
  • Provide a forum for discussion about current issues in the management of workplace musculoskeletal problems.

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