Eman Fayed, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor, PT Programs


Austin, TX


College of Health Sciences


Adult Rehabilitation
Cardiovascular and Pulmonary


Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Therapy, Cairo University
Master of Science, Cairo University
Bachelor of Physical Therapy, Cairo University

Research Interests

Geriatric Disorders

Dr. Eman Fayed has worked in education for more than 10 years and joined the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences as contributing faculty in 2020. She became a core faculty member in 2023.

Dr. Fayed has served in administrative roles, including as a clinical supervisor and coordinator of internship affairs. Her areas of interest are pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular and diseases related to the geriatric population. Her clinical and research interests include cardiopulmonary, neurology, orthopedics and weight management.

Dr. Fayed received her Bachelor of Physical Therapy in 2006 from Cairo University. She obtained her Master of Science in 2010 and Doctor of Philosophy in Cardiovascular, Respiratory Disorders and Geriatrics in 2016, also from Cairo University.