Leonard Elbaum, PT, EdD

Associate Professor, PT Programs


Miami, FL


College of Rehabilitative Sciences


Neurological Rehabilitation
Spinal Cord Injuries


Doctor of Education, Florida International University
Master of Music, University of Miami
Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, Marquette University

Research Interests

Clinical applications of motion capture and wearable bio-sensors
Robotics in rehabilitation
Long-term outcomes for people with brain and/or spinal cord lesions

Dr. Elbaum is a faculty member for the residential Doctor of Physical Therapy program on the Miami, FL campus. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, a Master of Music in Music Therapy and a Doctor of Education in Exceptional Education.

He has served as a Research Fellow and a Visiting Scientist at the Newman Laboratory for Human Biomechanics at MIT and is the author or co-author of more than 150 research papers and presentations. He has a clinical practice serving people with paralysis due to trauma or developmental disability and is active as a consultant to health care providers, third-party payers, manufacturers and regulatory agencies.