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Our leading-edge EdTech tools include 3D printers, anatomage tables, rehabilitation/exercise machines, driving simulators, robotics, and more. You can use these technologies to practice assessing patient progress and creating customized treatment plans. Browse through our latest tech on campuses below.

Some of the latest tech on our campuses

3D Printers

Our 3D printers enable you to design and build customized assistive technology for patients. Using technology and your own inspiration, you can create orthotics, prosthetics, and other devices that could make a patient’s sports life or daily life a little bit easier. You can even work with patients to create individualized devices.

Anatomage Tables

These anatomy visualization tables display fully segmented 3D human anatomy via a fully interactive touchscreen experience. You can see realistic views inside the human body by selecting different planes and cross-sections. You can query structures, save the information inside a USB drive, and study the visualizations in more depth at home.

BTE PrimusRS

This rehabilitation and exercise machine enables you to gather real-time, objective data on patient movement. Using functional attachments, the BTE measures different types of movement—such as opening a door, steering a car, and playing certain sports. It’s a powerful tool for gauging patient progress and assessing how well your interventions are working.

Double Robot

Double Robotics’ telepresence robot enables a remote healthcare provider to communicate with a patient through a movable robot with an iPad. You can practice remote consultations, such as moving the robot around a hospital bed and angling it to assess the patient’s wound. For the patient, the robot offers a closer analogue to a human presence than does a static screen.

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Discover the leading edge USAHS provides to your development.

Clinical Simulation Labs

Clinical Simulation Labs

In our state-of-the-art simulation laboratories, you’ll practice patient interactions in simulated hospital and home environments, using real clinical and adaptive equipment.

Modern Learning Spaces

Modern Learning Spaces

Our classrooms and study spaces are designed to optimize collaboration. Our wet and dry anatomy labs feature innovative digital and analog learning tools.

Dynamic Blended Learning

Dynamic Blended Learning

Blended learning merges digitally delivered coursework together with immersive on-campus experiences and clinical fieldwork.

Interprofessional Education Embedded

Interprofessional Education Embedded

We’re developing healthcare practitioners who are skilled at communicating and collaborating harmoniously with team members from other disciplines.

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