Student-FIRST Blended Learning Model

USAHS is a leader in blended learning, a model shown to produce better knowledge outcomes in health education.Alexandre Vallée et. al, “Blended Learning Compared to Traditional Learning in Medical Education: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Aug. 8, 2020. With blended learning, you get the best of both worlds: the convenience of online lectures, plus the engagement of in-person practice. Because you’ve learned the material in advance, you’ll be ready to participate in meaningful hands-on class activities with faculty and other students.

High-Tech and High-Touch

“You can go back and watch [the lecture] as many times as you want. Then when you’re in the classroom, you’re able to take what you’ve learned in the lectures and really focus on the hands-on components.”—Morgan L., USAHS student

Student-FIRST Learning

At USAHS, we’ve taken blended learning to a new level—to Student-FIRST learning:


Our stellar faculty-practitioners draw from their diverse expertise to develop our blended learning components—the online coursework and real-world lab activities.


Interprofessional learning:

Through hands-on, interprofessional collaboration in our simulation labs from day one, you’ll get practice-ready sooner.


Rehabilitative and health sciences focus:

We’re an immersive community of like-minded graduate students focused on helping
improve lives.


Student success culture:

Everything we do is focused on student success. We strive to offer the best academic experience and career preparation through our learning model, support services, and special events.


Technological innovation:

You’ll practice using state-of-the-art technology—clinical and home simulation centers, Anatomage Tables, driving simulators, rehabilitation machines, Double robots—so you’ll be ready to provide the best patient care.

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Discover the leading edge USAHS provides to your development.

EdTech Tools

EdTech Tools

Our leading-edge EdTech tools include 3D printers, anatomage tables, rehabilitation/exercise machines, driving simulators, robotics, and more.

Clinical Simulation Labs

Clinical Simulation Labs

In our state-of-the-art simulation laboratories, you’ll practice patient interactions in simulated hospital and home environments, using real clinical and adaptive equipment.

Modern Learning Spaces

Modern Learning Spaces

Our classrooms and study spaces are designed to optimize collaboration. Our wet and dry anatomy labs feature innovative digital and analog learning tools.

Interprofessional Education Embedded

Interprofessional Education Embedded

We’re developing healthcare practitioners who are skilled at communicating and collaborating harmoniously with team members from other disciplines.

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