| 13 May 2017

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Austin Campus Clinic Opens

Austin Campus Clinic

Clinics on our campuses play an important role in serving the community and preparing students for clinical practice. Katie Bouchillon, owner and clinical director of Spero Rehab on the Austin campus, knows this well. She is a 2005 graduate of the Master of Occupational Therapy program on the St. Augustine campus.

The inter-professional clinic emphasizes research-based treatment and personalized care in providing occupational, physical, speech, and aquatic training as well as wellness and sports training programs.

The clinic is in Building C on campus, but the integration with the university goes beyond sharing space. Faculty members can get their students participating in the Power for Parkinson’s exercise class, observing custom wheelchair clinics, and interacting in dry needling sessions.

Bouchillon and her clinic therapists are also contributing faculty members, including Matt Elizondo, Lauren Elizondo, and Deb Henderson.


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