| 27 February 2018

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Certification Continuing Education Programs Enhanced with Online Study Guides

Certification Continuing Education programs offer online study and exam proctoring.For more than 35 years, the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences has given licensed physical therapists the opportunity to distinguish themselves in manual therapy and improve patient outcomes by providing Manual Therapy Certification. Through a series of live seminars, they review the basic science and learn practical extremity, spinal, and soft tissue examination and treatment techniques they can immediately use in their practice.

Until recently, the Manual Therapy Certification and Cranio-mandibular Head, Neck, and Facial Pain Certification process culminated with six days of face-to-face reviews and comprehensive written, oral, and practical testing. Now, through online study guides and new exam proctoring options, the final in-person certification session can be completed in only three days.

The online study guides, which include detailed videos and are available before the final in-person certification session, show instructors demonstrating many of the manual therapy techniques, including some of the most challenging. Students can review the videos at their own pace and focus their face-to-face time with instructors on specific questions and opportunities to fine tune their techniques.

The online guides also provide students with a robust study tool for the oral and written exams. Oral exams occur on site; however, students can choose to complete their written exam on-site or via proctor from any location within in a specified timeframe. These proctoring options are one of the ways that enables the final on-site session to be completed in three days.

“The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences was founded on new ways to teach physical therapy, and we are excited to continue to innovate in how we provide access to our prestigious continuing education programs,” said Lori Hankins, director of continuing professional education. “Our online guides and exam proctoring give students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and reduce their travel costs and time away from their patients.”

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