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| 24 May 2024

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Transforming the Field: PT Associate Professor Powers Peak Athletic Performance at the 2024 Cricket World Cup


Surrounded by the electrifying energy of the International Masters Cricket (IMC) Over-40s World Cup, Dr. Neeraj Kumar, PT, DPT, PhD, NCS, associate professor of physical therapy (PT) at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (USAHS), embarked on an extraordinary journey with Team USA. As the national team’s physical therapist (PT), from February 17-March 1, in Cape Town, South Africa, Dr. Kumar’s mission was clear: to optimize player performance, prevent injuries, facilitate recovery and support the squad as they faced off against cricket’s finest on the international stage.

From Athlete to Physical Therapy Champion

Dr. Kumar’s passion for physical therapy ignited from a childhood dream of cricket glory. Growing up, he had aspirations of donning the cricket whites himself. The path to professional cricket was unclear, pushing him toward health sciences and academia.

Dr. Kumar found his calling as a physical therapist. He was drawn by the dynamic nature of the profession, including the opportunity to work with athletes and delve into research and analysis of the human body.

“I’m intrigued by the elite athlete performance and how much you can push your body,” he says. “As a PT, I appreciate the opportunity to work with individuals, across ages, backgrounds and skill levels, to help them improve their physical activity.”

His connection to cricket, deeply rooted in his Indian heritage, laid the groundwork for his collaboration with Team USA. Though he did not ascend to the sport’s highest ranks, Dr. Kumar’s intimate knowledge of the game and his experience as a self-proclaimed weekend warrior player provides a distinct perspective.

Through his involvement in local cricket leagues, the bonds with Team USA first began to form, culminating in his pivotal role as the team’s physical therapist at the Cricket World Cup.

N. Kumar

An Inside Look at a Pt’s Playbook

As Dr. Kumar reflects on his time with Team USA, he highlights the intricacies of his role. Tasked with fine-tuning the physical condition of elite athletes, Dr. Kumar’s approach centered on understanding each player’s unique role and demands. From bowlers to batsmen, he crafted tailored interventions to mitigate injury risks and heighten performance. “I relied on my expertise in human biomechanics and knowledge of how the body reacts to specific movements,” he explains.

The athletes embraced his direction and actively participated in his recommendations.

“I worked closely with the players one-on-one, encouraging them to focus on specific muscle groups to generate the power needed to execute their technique,” Dr. Kumar says.

Fostering team collaboration proved pivotal. Dr. Kumar attests to the invaluable role of camaraderie in elevating the squad’s performance. “I observed the players growing closer, looking out for one another,” he says. “They would communicate through subtle, non-verbal cues to demonstrate their support – small gestures that cultivated a powerful sense of unity.”

The experience was not without its challenges. Dr. Kumar navigated the difficulties of the physically demanding competition. Through proactive interventions and personalized care, he succeeded in safeguarding the team against injuries.

Dr. Kumar partnered with the team management to ensure player readiness for the grueling tournament schedule. He strategized with the team captain to discuss workloads – especially since most players would compete in back-to-back matches. “When the captain notified me of those situations,” Dr. Kumar describes, “I proactively worked with these players on stretching and warmup routines. I’m confident this helped us avoid injuries.”

N. Kumar

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Well-Being

Dr. Kumar has spent most of his career, over 20 years, in education and has been a PT for 25 years. “Through my experience as an athlete and a teacher, I can help people perform at a higher level. Seeing them recover from injuries is deeply satisfying, and it also improves my understanding of the game,” he explains.

His path offers valuable insights for aspiring physical therapists. Passion, determination and teamwork across disciplines were instrumental to his success. As an advocate for holistic health and wellness, he emphasizes the value of movement and its impact on quality of life.

Dr. Kumar advises athletes to live a healthy lifestyle.

“Listen to your body – if it’s in pain, that may be telling you to try a different technique or training approach,” he says.

His counsel to students is equally straightforward: “As professionals, listening is key. Let people share their story with you because that can reveal things that tests alone will not uncover.” He encourages future physical therapists to take pride in their work and recognize the profound impact they can have.

“Follow your passion – there are many different specialties you can pursue,” he adds.

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Excellence Beyond the Field

Looking ahead, Dr. Kumar remains committed to promoting athlete health and performance.

He has aspirations to extend his involvement with Team USA. At the local level, he will continue to consult with athletes.

Dr. Kumar’s journey speaks to the positive power of sports medicine. Through dedication, expertise and fierce determination, he embodies the spirit of greatness on and off the field.

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