Continuing professional education

Specialty Certifications

By attending a series of seminars and completing written, oral and practical examinations, you can earn a highly respected certification in a specialty area.

How Specialty Certification Works

Certification is designed to offer a series of seminars, which culminate in a comprehensive examination consisting of written, oral and practical testing to define competency in a chosen field.  To earn each Certification, a therapist attends a series of seminars, culminating in a comprehensive online review and face-to-face examination process.

Certification requires completion of the required seminars either as a structured continuing education process or as a part of one of our post-professional degree programs.  Taking the home study courses for graduate credit is not required for Certification, although taking them for credit toward a post-professional degree is recommended for maximum educational benefit.

Certification Review and Exam

Upon registration, the certification candidate receives access to a robust online study guide. The study guide includes technique videos, as well as sample questions and study suggestions from instructors.

Certification is a three-day in-person experience consisting of instructor-led reviews that provide the student an opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback from instructors.   On the fourth day, a written exam is given followed by a series of oral and practical examinations.  The standard sought is the safe application of advanced clinical skills in the areas tested.  Results are confidential.

Use Your Certification Toward a Post Professional Degree

Certification is an integral part of the process for acquiring either the Post-Professional Master of Health Science (MHS) or the Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (tDPT).

Specialty Certifications You Can Earn

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