Transfer of Credit Policy

Transfer of graduate credits previously earned from another accredited, degree-granting institution is limited to 25% of the total number of academic credits for the degree. Transfer of credits within the University is determined on a case-by-case basis. Transfer credit will be approved in most cases for graduate coursework awarded by schools, colleges, or universities that have recognition from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the U.S. Department of Education.

The Transfer Credit Policy applies to all programs with the exception of the Physician Assistant Studies program (not currently accepting applications), which does not accept transfer credits, prior learning assessment, or advanced standing for any course or component of the curriculum.

Acceptance or rejection of transfer credit is subject to the following provisions:

  • The course(s) should have been completed within five years preceding admission to the program but the applicant may petition to the Program Director for an exception to this time limit.
  • Some programs may be more restrictive than others and will expect a maximum of three years preceding admission
  • The course should have been completed with a grade of B or better. Courses having a B- or below will not be transferred.
  • P/Pass grades are accepted only if it can be confirmed via the official transcript key that the minimum required grade to earn a P/Pass grade is a B or better.
  • The course must be listed on an official transcript sent directly to the Registrar by issuing institution.
  • Graduate-level courses taken at accredited institutions can be used for credit transfer provided that the course work meets the corresponding requirements of the program and the course being substituted by transfer.
  • The course number and name of the course requested for transfer should reflect the content of the course it is replacing. Additionally, if the course requested for transfer will replace an elective, the content should be closely aligned with that of the curriculum and its potential electives.
  • A course syllabus is required for each course being evaluated for potential transfer credit.
  • Undergraduate work is not accepted for transfer.
  • In general, credit can be transferred if the requested substitute course is at the same course level or lower than the course being substituted (e.g., 7000-level courses would transfer for a 7000-level course or a 5000- or 6000-level course). In cases where a course from a master’s program is being requested for transfer into a doctoral program, consideration will be given to rigor and content and further documentation may be requested.
  • Approved external and alternative transfer credit is not included in the calculation of the University GPA. Internal transfer credit can be included in program GPA calculations if the courses are in the same college or are otherwise allowed based on institutional policy.
  • The awarding of transfer credit is based on the assessment of curricular alignment and whether the use of transfer credit will allow the student to meet all USAHS program and course learning outcomes. Final approval of transfer credit is authorized by the Program Director.

The Registrar is responsible for ensuring consistency of transfer credit practice and procedure between the different campus locations.

Please see the University Catalog/Handbook to review all requirements of the Transfer of Credit Policy.

The process for requesting transfer credits from another accredited institution is as follows:

  • The student completes a Transfer Credit Form found on the MyUSA portal, Student Services tab, Forms link (or obtains the form from the advisor) and submits the form to the Registrar at [email protected]. A course syllabus and official transcript are required. It is the responsibility of the student to provide sufficient documentation to show equivalency to USAHS coursework.
  • Accepted students seeking potential transfer credit are encouraged to submit a request for transfer credit review at least two months prior to the start of the first term of enrollment at USAHS. The deadline for transfer credit consideration is two months after the student’s start of the first term of enrollment.
  • The Program Director, in consultation with the appropriate course instructor(s) as needed, will review the transfer course syllabus to verify that its contents match or closely align with those of the program’s course, considering the nature, content, quality, appropriateness, and applicability of the credit earned.
  • If necessary, the student and Program Director will meet and discuss the feasibility of the transfer and additional requests for documentation may take place at this time.
  • A $75.00 fee will be assessed for each course accepted in transfer and applied to the students USAHS transcript. The only exception to the transfer credit fee is in instances of USAHS internal transfers.
  • The Program Director will send all documents to the Registrar for final review and request for payment (if approved).
  • The Registrar will (1) notify the student whether the request for transfer credits is approved or denied, (2) posts any approved transfer credit to the permanent academic record, and (3) alert the Bursar’s Office to arrange billing of the transfer credit fee as applicable.
  • A maximum of 50% of a USAHS degree program requirements may be earned through the combination of alternative credit (external transfer, internal transfer, Prior Learning Assessment or Advanced Standing). The remaining 50% of the total credits must be completed within the USAHS degree-granting program.

The Registrar is responsible for ensuring consistency of transfer credit practice and procedure between the different campus locations.

Internal Transfers:  Transfer of Credits from One USAHS Program to Another USAHS Program

Credits may transfer from one USAHS program to another under these guidelines:

  1. Students may request the transfer of credits from another program for up to 50% of the total credits in the program toward which the credits will be applied.
  2. If electives are to be transferred, the Program Director will determine if those credits meet the program’s learning outcomes for the intended degree.
  3. Courses taught in a master’s level program that includes outcomes and assessment measures designed for the doctoral level may be considered for transfer into doctoral-level programs if they have been approved for such and according to Program Director approval.
  4. The Program Director, in conjunction with the Registrar, will give final approval to the transfer plan.
  5. Generally, internal transfer credit is included in the calculation of the GPA only in instances when the courses belong to the same college.

The process for internal transfer of credits:

  • The student completes a Request for Acceptance of Transfer Credit Form found on the MyUSA portal, Student Services tab, Forms link, or obtained from an advisor.  Students submit the form to the Registrar at [email protected] along with the course syllabus and official transcripts. Students requesting more than one course for internal transfer should submit one form for each course.
  • Requests for approval of transfer credits may be submitted within the first four months of acceptance into the program or at least two months before the start of classes for the trimester, whichever is sooner.
  • The Registrar will notify the student whether the request for transfer credit is approved or denied and will post any approved transferred credit to the permanent academic record at that time.
  • Students receiving transfer credit from one USAHS program to another will not be charged the transfer credit review fee.

The Registrar is responsible for ensuring consistency of transfer credit practice and procedure between the different campus locations.