Master of Health Administration

Interprofessional Education Specialization

Locations: Online
Formats: Online with optional immersions
Program duration: Less than two years

Overview of the Interprofessional Education Specialization

Overview of the Interprofessional Education Specialization

By adding the Interprofessional Education specialization to your MHA, you’ll excel in communicating and collaborating harmoniously with team members from other disciplines. Learn to speak a common language free of discipline-specific terminologies. Gain mutual understanding and help reduce hierarchies. Be well prepared to collaborate with interprofessional teams in the real world.

Today’s patients often have complex problems that need attention from practitioners across disciplines. A siloed approach to patient care, where each practitioner treats in isolation, can lead to communication failure—a leading cause of serious medical error. In contrast, an interprofessional team approach is correlated with higher patient satisfaction ratings and better health outcomes.

Who Is the Interprofessional Education Specialization Designed For?

Who Is the Interprofessional Education Specialization Designed For?

If your professional goals center around helping healthcare organizations and interprofessional teams operate more efficiently and effectively, choose the Interprofessional Education specialization of the MHA.

This option is designed for students who are interested in an interprofessional education in healthcare to help drive healthcare organizations to reduce hierarchies and silos to provide more comprehensive and collaborative patient care. If you believe that high quality patient care should come first, this is your opportunity to develop your skills in interprofessional communication, collaboration and leveraging cross-functional teams to enhance patient care and outcomes.

We offer a number of options to customize your MHA with a specialization in Interprofessional Education, including accelerated learning options that can help you earn your degree in less time.

What You’ll Learn in the Interprofessional Education Specialization

With this specialization, you will gain the leadership, interprofessional collaboration and communication skills you need to make a real difference in improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Your courses will involve problem-solving in diverse groups of your peers, ranging from nurses to rehabilitative professionals to other disciplines.

Become an Expert in Interprofessional Collaboration

Join one of the best interprofessional education in healthcare specializations for cross-disciplinary learning. Integrating interprofessional education coursework and clinical simulation activities, this specialization prepares you to communicate and collaborate effectively with team members across disciplines.

Prepare to become a skilled interprofessional team member and leader in the real world, broaden your skillset as a collaborative professional and ultimately help guide organizations to provide better health outcomes for patients.

Enhance Your Expertise Through Immersion in Interprofessional Education

With our Interprofessional Education specialization, you’ll gain a deep understanding of how to put your skills to work in the real world. By incorporating interprofessional education into all aspects of our MHA program, we are expanding its reach beyond the specialization. You’ll benefit from this additional collaborative learning focus as you enjoy a deeper dive into interprofessional education through:

Immersive Curricula

Aspects of interprofessional education in healthcare are integrated within each program, whether in didactic coursework, clinical simulations or clinical immersion sessions. Activities center around four core competencies defined by the Interprofessional Education Collaborative. They are scaffolded so that your skills and knowledge develop in a logical sequence.

Extensive Simulation

Our state-of-the-art clinical simulation centers offer you the chance to practice as an interprofessional team with your peers in other healthcare disciplines. For example, speech-language pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy students collaborate to treat patients within a simulated real-life professional and physical environment.

Driven Faculty

Among the faculty are champions of interprofessional education in healthcare who have spearheaded its success within USAHS. You’ll collaborate with and learn from faculty who are influencing the future of healthcare through the interprofessional collaboration activities they create. Gain professional respect by earning your MHA from an organization that has become a thought leader within the space of interprofessional education through simulation.

Opportunities for Graduates of the MHA Interprofessional Education Specialization

There is a strong and growing demand for MHA graduates with an interprofessional education specialization. Graduates of our MHA with a specialization in Interprofessional Education work in hospitals, nursing homes, group medical practices and other related organizations.

With your MHA and Interprofessional Education specialization, you’ll be prepared to excel in career roles that allow you to:

  • Lead cross-functional teams in healthcare
  • Collaborate with clinicians and administrators to optimize aspects of health informatics
  • Demonstrate cultural competence when managing diverse teams
  • Communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders
  • Enhance healthcare delivery and patient outcomes

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