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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

The Doctor of Education program at The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences is designed for practitioners, educators, and administrators who want to assume or advance their careers in healthcare education, administration, or leadership. Graduates of this program will be prepared for academic, administrative, or leadership positions in a variety of healthcare education and professional training and development settings.

USAHS’s Doctor of Education program complements its mission of developing professional healthcare practitioners, leaders, and educators by preparing its graduates to fill the growing demand for faculty, administrators, and leaders in health science-related education.

Whether you currently are a healthcare practitioner or educator, your experience is invaluable to the next generation of health science professionals. If you would like to pursue a career in higher education or enrich the one you have, our online Doctor of Education (EdD) program can help you achieve your goals and prepare you for success in this dynamic field.


Take Advantage of the Doctor of Education Scholarship!

Students enrolling in the University of St. Augustine’s Doctor of Education program are eligible for a scholarship equal to 25% of your tuition cost.  Qualified students who are accepted and enroll in the Doctor of Education program are eligible for this award.  Contact your enrollment advisor for further details.


Doctor of Education (Ed.D) Program Overview

  • The EdD consists of 60 credits and can be completed in as little as three years.However, USAHS’s program is flexible so students can complete the program at their preferred pace.
  • Delivered almost completely online, the program includes two on-campus residencies, which will expose you to guest speakers and allow you to engage in discussions, presentations, and Q&A sessions with your faculty and fellow students in a face-to-face setting.
  • You will progress through the program with a diverse interprofessionalcohort of your peers who share your desire and commitment to begin or enhance their careers in higher education.
  • Courses focus specifically on higher education issues and topics.
  • Core coursework will develop your instructional skills in topics such as curriculum development, educational theory, and classroom delivery.
  • Electives are designed so you can
    • take courses in specialty areas,
    • accept teaching internships or directed study opportunities while you progress through the program; the teaching internship gives you hand-on experience when you teach with guidance from one of our experienced faculty
    • pursue aspecialization in an area such as Nursing Education, Athletic Training, Teaching and Learning, and Executive Leadership.
  • The EdD culminates with a dissertation, which will allows you to address a real-world problemor make an original contribution to a body of knowledge in your field.

Program Mission Statement

The Doctor of Education (EdD) program provides a multidisciplinary environment to build skills in leadership, academic preparation, and enhancement of health sciences education provision through innovative and individualized education.

Available Specializations

Earn one of the following specializations by choosing the elective courses that are required to complete them. These courses can be taken as part of the electives needed to complete the requirements of the EdD program.

Nursing Education Specialization
Experienced nurses interested in teaching at the higher education level may choose our concentration in Nursing Education. This nursing specialization includes five elective courses focused on practical theory and application in nursing education in higher education. It is designed for experienced nursing professionals who seek to train the next generation of practitioners.

Athletic Training Specialization
Athletic trainers who are currently in higher education, or wish to purse a teaching role will find it helpful to study topics uniquely challenging to educators. The specialization includes timely and relevant topics such as cultural competency, evidenced-based injury treatment and other emerging fields of interest to the educator.

Teaching and Learning Specialization
This specialization offers participants an opportunity to increase their expertise in teaching practices designed for today’s learner. This series of courses will help students develop the necessary skills to teach in a traditional or online classroom, develop curriculum, and understand generational learning.

Executive Leadership Specialization
This specialization includes a series of courses with emphasis on operational leadership in healthcare: developing and managing an effective team, strategic planning and decision-making, balancing the economics of decision-making and timing of decisions, and leadership strategies and the strategic use of quality performance standards to achieve organizational outcomes.

The Dissertation

All students enrolled in the Doctor of Education program take USAHS’s Dissertation Research Preparation course (EDF 7300).  This course is designed to prepare students for dissertation success, providing all the tools needed to begin and complete the dissertation in a timely manner. After completing the Preparation course, they begin EDF 7870 Dissertation. Students may complete the dissertation at their own pace over the course of two or more terms.

Three types of work will satisfy the dissertation requirement for the Doctor of Education Program:

  • Clinical or Experimental Research – a traditional research study addressing a problem in leadership, education, or clinical practice
  • Applied Dissertation (Problem of Practice) – a project addressing an area of concern or problem of practice which may be investigated through a systematic review and development of a solution which is evaluated as part of the study
  • Doctoral Level Project (Demonstrating Mastery) – a study demonstrating mastery of the program’s learning outcomes through an alternative project or program development concept

Why USAHS for your EdD?

USAHS has a strong reputation for excellence in education and teaching in the health sciences. Its focus on graduate studies in these fields allows for an intimate, personalized approach that encourages success in students and alumni.  Our students and graduates have been recognized for their high level of professionalism and excellence in health care and educational situations.

Our students value the unique personalization and attention they receive from their faculty and mentors throughout their educational journey. As an EdD student, you will have a dedicated faculty advisor who will work closely with you and provide one-on-one support for the completion of your dissertation.

USAHS is an active community of health science educators and professionals from many disciplines. EdD students can benefit from connections to our alumni and our expansive network of professionals for collaboration, support and access to career opportunities.

View the academic learning outcomes and curriculum.

Admissions Requirements

To be considered for admission to the Doctor of Education program, a candidate must have completed a master’s or doctoral degree and have the desire to develop or advance their career in higher education for health science. 

Students may be eligible for transfer of credit equal to 25% of the total academic credits for the degree for credits earned at an accredited institution other than USAHS.  If credits were earned at USAHS, up to 50% of the degree credits may be transferable.  In addition, USAHS students enrolled in the OTD or tDPT programs may opt for a dual degree that includes the EdD.  For further details, visit our Admissions Requirements page or speak to your enrollment advisor


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