Clinical Placement

The clinical/fieldwork phase is one of the most exciting times in our students’ academic careers. It’s a chance for them to put their years of classroom learning and lab experience into practice in a real-world setting—under the guidance of expert practitioners. For our clinical site partners, it’s a chance to mentor the next generation of rehabilitation professionals, build on their enthusiasm, and influence the direction of their careers. Becoming a clinical site partner with USAHS helps your clinic realize its vision to shape the future of patient care.

To express our gratitude and appreciation to our clinical partners, USAHS offers an educational support plan (ESP) that provides educational and professional opportunities to their staff.

We encourage our partners to take advantage of the plan options. Each USAHS academic program has a plan designed to support clinicians who host a student. Examples of benefits include the following:

  • One complimentary USAHS webinar
  • One complimentary live or online USAHS continuing education seminar
  • Cost of one credit hour toward a USAHS online course of your choice
  • $100 toward a continuing education course
  • $100 toward the registration fee for local or national conferences
  • $100 toward reference materials or textbooks ordered through professional organizations

In addition, each year we honor one clinician with our Clinical Education Partner of the Year Award. This clinician receives:

  • $300 toward professional association dues or a national conference registration fee
  • Recognition on the USAHS website and in an upcoming issue of Accolades magazine, our biannual university publication

For more information on becoming a clinical placement partner, please contact the Clinical Services department by calling 1-800-241-1027, ext. 1302 or email [email protected].