| 6 August 2012

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Iron-Butt Coast to Coast Trek

USA founder and faculty completed the challenging and adventurous Iron Butt 50cc cross-country motorcycle ride this past AprilStanley V. Paris, University of St. Augustine’s Founding President, Alan S. Paris, Chief Development Officer and Matt Daugherty, PT Faculty member, completed a challenging and adventurous cross-country motorcycle ride this past April. The three, along with friends Shane Felker and Clay Sammis (both with Sawtooth Development), made the journey stopping only for overnight rest and arrived in San Diego, CA, their final destination. The Iron Butt 50cc is a 50 hour coast-to-coast challenge, which took the group 46:05 hours to complete the 2,437 miles ending at the San Diego Fire Station as their final destination. Congratulations to all!


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