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Post-Professional Programs Planning Next 8-Day Study Abroad Trip to Italy

For professionals working to improve the health of their communities, it is important to study best practices from around the world. One of the ideal places to learn from is Italy, which the World Health Organization ranks as one of the top health care systems. Add that to its desirability as a tourist location and you have the perfect location for post-professional students and alumni of the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences to examine firsthand the impact of health policies and behaviors on health outcomes.

University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences is pleased to offer post-professional students, alumni and their guests an opportunity to attend an international educational trip to Italy scheduled for March 7-March 16, 2020.

This immersive experience will survey ancient health delivery methods, comparative health systems, traditional health models, and health economics of this country.

Credit-seeking students will receive credit towards a designated course upon successful completion of the trip and required course work (IPE7421B or Special Projects). **The course tuition is not included in the cost of the trip. 

The university’s post-professional programs include the Doctor of Education (EdD), Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (PPOTD), Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (tDPT), Master of Health Sciences (MHS), Master of Health Administration (MHA) and nursing programs.

Trip Payment Details:

  • This trip may be eligible for financial aid – *Please note: Federal Aid (Title IV) funds cannot be used for these immersions  
  • A non-refundable $500 deposit is required from all participants as part of the registration.
  • The price for our Italy immersion is:
  • $3,600 if not using financial aid and arranging your own flight.
  • Or $4,600 if the students are using financial aid with $1000 to be reserved so they can make their own flight arrangements.

What’s Included in the Price:

  • Lodging at first-class hotels, in double
    occupancy rooms
  • Group dining and stipends for all meals,
    accommodation of dietary needs
  • In-country transportation on a first-class
    tour bus and watercraft
  • Entrance fees to planned site visits
  • Daily itinerary, identification tag and tote bag
  • Associated taxes, fees, tolls, etc.
  • Medical coverage while abroad
  • Professional liability ($2,000,000 per student)
  • Accompaniment by one USAHS faculty member
  • Health guides, faculty and seminar leaders
  • *USAHS course tuition and fees are NOT INCLUDED in price*

Visas and immunizations are not required.

Note: This immersive experience is considered an educational immersion.  All students, alumni, and guests are considered representatives of the university and therefore professional behavior is expected at all times. 

Download Brochure (PDF)

Italy 2020 Itinerary

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