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5 Free Printable Student Planners

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Learning how to manage your time and stay organized in graduate school is imperative to your success. Graduate level coursework tends to be very involved, requiring extensive reading and homework. You will be expected to work independently, stay motivated, and monitor your progress on your own.

Cramming the night before will not cut it when you are juggling anatomy, pathophysiology, and several other classes all at once. To help you stay organized this year, we’ve created a variety of printable planners designed to help you succeed.

Daily Planner

daily planner

This daily planner was designed for busy students in mind. The night before, prioritize your next day by breaking it down by each hour, including classes, labs, study time, workouts, meals, personal time, and more.

download daily planner

Weekly Planner

weekly planner

If you’re someone who likes to plan out your week in advance, this weekly planner is made for you. Sit down every Sunday and prepare for the week ahead by listing out your class and work schedule. Use the to-do list to keep track of important appointments and errands.

download weekly planner

Monthly Planner

monthly planner

This monthly planner is ideal for keeping track of any exams or big assignments you have coming up. Print this planner at the end of each month and use the Notes section to write down your goals for the upcoming month.

download monthly planner

Course Load Tracker

course load tracker

Keep this course load tracker with your daily planner so you have it available at all times. Use it to keep track of your course schedule as well as important information like professors’ names and exam dates.

download course load tracker

Self-Care Checklist

weekly self-care checklist

Making time for yourself is just as important as studying. Use this weekly self-care checklist to prioritize the “me time” you deserve.

download weekly self-care checklist

Tips for Staying Organized in School

Learning how to structure your time efficiently is critical to achieving your goals in grad school. Here are some tips to help.

  • Make a study schedule: Procrastinating, followed by cramming for exams the night before, is not a strategy that will get you through grad school. If you know you have an exam in two weeks, schedule study blocks throughout the days leading up to it. Weaving advanced preparation into your schedule will help you avoid any excuses when test time rolls around.
  • Schedule out your week ahead of time: Make an effort to sit down each Sunday and schedule out your week. Include assignment deadlines, clinicals, tests, and meetings with professors. Also include time for exercise and self-care. This will help prioritize your tasks and keep you accountable.
  • Network with your peers: Talk with students who are taking classes you are interested in. Find out how intensive the coursework is and ask them for study tips. You may even find a mentor along the way.
  • Learn time management skills: Time management is crucial to your success as a grad student. Read about various time management techniques and find a method that works for you. Use our daily planner to schedule each block of time throughout your day.

Whether you’re a full-time graduate student or you’re juggling your studies alongside work and family commitments, staying organized will be an important factor in your success. Printable planners are valuable tools to help students manage their coursework and weekly schedule. Download one, two, or all of these printable planners to effectively balance your coursework, personal life, job, and everyday tasks.

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