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Summer Research Day 2019

The University of St. Augustine San Marcos campus held its second annual Research Day event on August 19, 2019.

There were 16 student posters and one faculty poster presentation, followed by four faculty platform presentations. Students, faculty and staff mingled over food and drinks while weaving through the room full of posters. Students were eager to share and explain their research and engage in discussion, answering questions and discussing further opportunities.

“I was impressed with the variety, mix, and professionalism of all our presenters,” event coordinator and DPT Assistant Program Director Dr. Jim Mathews said. “There were qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods studies, at different levels of evidence – including clinical trials.”

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Dr. Mathews explained the importance of Research Day as an opportunity for students and faculty to share their work openly and freely.

“These discussions often break the barriers faculty and students have around engaging in research and form future research endeavors,” he said.

The four faculty members who presented platform presentations included Dr. Iman Akef on Normative Pelvic Floor Parameters; Dr. Lena Volland on Reliability of Ultrasound Protocol; Dr. Faris Alshammari on Hamstring Flexibility; and Dr. Maureen Johnson on Perceptions of Faculty on Debriefing after Simulation.

“Many members of the PT and OT Core Faculty, marketing team, and administration attended the event,” Dr. Mathews said. “Seeing them engage with the students, whether they had a presentation or not, made the event more special for everyone there.”

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