| 1 May 2012

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What’s new at USA?

Saint Augustine faculty member facilitates a relationship with the Flagler Life Institute to establish learning opportunities for the OPA students

Patricia D. Moore, PhD, RN; Kathy Hagy, RN, MSN, CCRN, CNE; Salam Abdo, MD; and Kary Bates.

Kathy Hagy RN, MSN, CCRN, CNE, OPA faculty member facilitated a relationship with St. Augustine’s Flagler Life Institute and Dr. Patricia Moore to establish learning opportunities for the OPA students. Students will be able to interact with simulated patients in an authentic medical setting. Mrs. Hagy’s background as a nurse educator and her previous experience with simulation labs, led her to seek this opportunity for students in her physiology lab. As part of the experience they will be exposed to medical examination of patients with differing conditions such as abnormal breathing, heart rate or chest sounds. Students will have the opportunity to interact with the simulation lab and will benefit from the teaching of Dr. Salam Abdo, MD with the Flagler Life Institute in their first and third terms. This will provide yet another opportunity to practice authentic patient interactions prior to their clinical rotations.

Dee Welk, PhD, MSN, RN, recently became an Adjunct Faculty in the Doctorate in Health Sciences and Doctor of Education programs. A long-time nurse educator, Dee has recently been elected to chair a major committee for Sigma Theta Tau International, the only honor society in nursing and to serve on its Board of Directors. The 20-member world-wide committee of individuals oversees and helps the officers of some 500 chapters to meet the goals and mission of the society. At the convention in Texas, it was the first time regional coordinators have been elected from Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and Latin/South America/Caribbean to join the 15 North American members to facilitate the work around the world.

“I know my online teaching skills will be well applied to seek a sense of unity within the group as well as to work with individual members,” said Dr. Dee Welk. “I just completed a term as one of the regional coordinators for chapters in PA and NY, and hope to bring all of experiences together for this new position,” added Welk.

University of Saint Augustine students at the San Diego, CA campus work out in the wellness center.

Students at the San Diego, CA campus work out in the wellness center.

The St. Augustine and San Marcos campus’ Wellness Centers have been designed to promote team building and sportsmanship amongst our student body. More importantly, through its challenges and other activities, promote the “healthy and productive lifestyle” for a health conscientious future.

Involvement in the Wellness Center’s activities has proven to be a great method of stress relief, allowing students and employees a break from the pressures of daily obligations. It’s also a way for students and employees to interact in a neutral and healthy environment.

USA has even integrated the centers into the curriculum to reflect the value it holds for wellness. The centers enable students to take full advantage of the fitness facility for use in their academic classes as well as for group projects. Instructors integrate teaching students in the wellness center on equipment setup, program initiation, and advancement and modification of exercise based on various diagnoses.

As USA advances the Wellness Center programs, there is much to look forward to. There are plans for new equipment, more activities, and increased student and employee involvement. The goal is continue to provide an environment that promotes and facilitates a healthy and productive lifestyle for our students, faculty, staff and, ultimately our clients and local communities.


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