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| 13 July 2023

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Choosing the Right Pathway for Your MOT


Looking to advance to a career in OT? Our Master of Occupational Therapy program is the springboard you need for a solid foundation in occupational therapy leading to licensure and your future as an OT clinician. Now there are three ways you can earn your MOT at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences: our Residential, Flex or our new Hybrid Immersion pathways. Each has its own nuances so let’s dive in and examine the similarities and differences between the three, to help you decide which best suits your own individual set of parameters.

Firstly, you’ll want to know that each pathway leads to the same destination: a master’s degree in occupational therapy. With that, you’ll be able to engage in clinical practice and help people in a variety of situations expand their capabilities to their fullest potential. Each pathway also has the same admission requirements, start dates, number of credit hours, fieldwork experiences, and number of labs and classes.

What’s different between the three pathways is the amount of flexibility: in where you live, how much time you spend on campus (and which campus), how long you’ll take to complete the course and the scheduling of the in-person component of the program. We provide this level of flexibility as we understand that lifestyles are not single stream and neither are learning styles.

So now, the differences…


Residential MOT

Potential students looking for a traditional college experience, living near or relocating to one of the following four destination campuses, should consider our Residential pathway. We offer our Residential MOT at our San Marcos, California; St. Augustine and Miami, Florida; and Austin, Texas, campuses. With the Residential option you’ll attend blended classes and in-person labs on weekdays and progress through the program in six consecutive trimesters (two years).

 Flex MOT

Those needing or preferring a slower pace and/or living a little further from campus should look at our Flex MOT pathway, which is offered through our San Marcos, St. Augustine, Miami and Austin campuses. With the Flex MOT option, you’ll spread your learning over nine trimesters (three years), attending in-person labs on select weekends. It’s a great choice for students whose lifestyles require them to learn at a more accommodating pace due to work, family or other obligations and who may live a little ways from campus. It’s also the most manageable in terms of cost per term, as the total cost to completion is spread over a longer time period.

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Hybrid Immersion MOT

We are really excited about our newest pathway, Hybrid Immersion MOT. Taken over six trimesters (two years), the Hybrid Immersion MOT enables students who are not in a position to relocate or attend frequent in-person labs to attain their MOT primarily online through our Dallas, Texas, campus. The pace is identical to the Residential MOT pathway, but the program can be taken from just about anywhere. Students taking the Hybrid Immersion MOT will travel to our Dallas, Texas, campus twice per trimester for 3-5 days, over a weekend, to attend in-person labs.

So now you know about the three pathways to achieving your master’s in occupational therapy, what are you waiting for? Explore our various MOT options today and discover which one is right for you!



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