Nursing MSN & DNP

| 9 September 2021

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60 Key Nursing Statistics and Trends for 2021

Nurse in the hospital, smiling.

Nursing is a field full of opportunity, with impressive projected job growth combined with a need for skilled professionals to address an ongoing staffing shortage. From registered nurses (RNs) to licensed practical or vocational nurses (LPNs/LVNs), and from nurse practitioners (NPs) to nurse anesthetists, nurses are the backbone of the healthcare industry. We’ve gathered 60 statistics that reveal surprising truths about the demographics of nurses, job satisfaction, average salaries, the nursing shortage, COVID’s impact on the profession, and nursing education. These key nursing stats and trends—detailed in eye-catching infographics—reveal the realities of American nursing in 2021.

Section 1 Nursing Demographics in 2021
Section 2 Nursing Satisfaction Statistics
Section 3 Nursing Salary Statistics
Section 4 Nursing Shortage Statistics
Section 5 Nursing Injury Statistics
Section 6 Nurses and COVID-19 Statistics
Section 7 Current Trends in Nursing
Section 8 Statistics on Nursing Students
Section 9 Trends in Nursing Education

Nursing Demographics in 2021

Let’s start with a statistical look at the people who work in nursing, one of the country’s most populous professions.

Nursing Satisfaction Statistics

Nursing is a well-respected profession that requires dedication, ethics, and compassion. Here, we examine how nurses feel about their profession, as well as how American society perceives nurses.