Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (MS-SLP)

MS-SLP Prerequisites & Admission Requirements

See all Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (MS-SLP) admission requirements below.

*Applications for the MS-SLP program are accepted through CSDCAS website only. Please contact an enrollment advisor for additional information.

Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology Requirements

To apply for the MS-SLP program at USAHS, you will need to meet the following requirements.

Bachelor’s Degree: You must earn a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. A bachelor’s degree in the fields of communication sciences and disorders (CSD) or speech-language pathology is ideal but not among our SLP grad school requirements. If your science degree is in a field other than CSD or SLP, you may need to complete prerequisite courses for application.

You can apply while you are still enrolled in an eligible undergraduate degree program. You must submit a plan of study with your application that indicates all remaining courses, including speech pathology prerequisite coursework, that will be completed prior to program enrollment.

Transcript: A transcript of all coursework completed is required.

GPA: A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 calculated on SLP Masters program prerequisites is preferred; however, the grade trend of the applicant will be considered.

Prerequisites: Admissions recommends that all prerequisites for our available speech pathology graduate programs be no more than 5 years old. This is a recommendation and is preferred, but it is not a requirement to apply. All speech pathology prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of “C” (2.0) or better.

To apply to the program, you must complete or have completed ASHA basic courses and prerequisite leveling speech-language pathology courses. These include:

Required prerequisite ASHA basic speech pathology prerequisite course requirements (minimum 3 credits each) for all applicants include:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry or physics
  • Statistics
  • Behavioral or social science

These courses are required for ASHA certification. Description of the types of courses that can be applied to the fulfillment of the ASHA basic prerequisite course requirements can be found here:

Applicants who hold bachelor’s degrees in fields other than CSD, SLP, or the equivalent must complete leveling communication sciences and disorders courses per admission guidelines. Applicants with a CSD or SLP degree may need to complete one or more of the leveling courses if the transcript of the undergraduate program does not include the required speech-language pathologist prerequisite leveling coursework.

Required SLP Masters prerequisite leveling courses (3 credits each) for all applicants include:

  • Introduction to Audiology
  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Speech Anatomy and Physiology
  • Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders*
  • Phonetics
  • Normal Speech & Language Development

* Not required if the applicant holds an undergraduate degree in communication sciences and disorders or speech-language pathology.

USAHS has designed several leveling courses to provide a summary of learning objectives and serve as a pathway to the program. Regardless of your undergraduate field of study, a transcript demonstrating a degree awarded is among our speech pathology requirements for enrolling in our leveling courses.

Note: Students taking SLP leveling courses may not register for more than nine credits/term. The recommended number of credits per term is six.

Pending Prerequisites for the USAHS speech-language pathology graduate program: The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences’ (USAHS) Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (MS-SLP) program allows new students up to two (2) eligible speech pathology prerequisite courses to be pending when enrolling and matriculating into the MS-SLP program. Any newly admitted MS-SLP student who has up to two (2) eligible prerequisite courses pending at the time of enrollment must receive prior written approval from the MS-SLP Program Director. These two (2) speech-language pathologist prerequisite courses must be completed by the student with a grade of “C” (2.0) or better by or before his/her completion of the second trimester of the MS-SLP program, or the student will not be eligible to progress further in USAHS’ MS-SLP program (i.e., the student will not be able to enroll for his/her 3rd trimester or will be withdrawn from the 3rd trimester if already enrolled). Successful completion of the speech pathology prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or better is a condition to continuing studies in the MS-SLP program beyond the end of the second trimester.

The eligible speech pathology prerequisites that may be pending at the time of enrollment are:

  • Introduction to Audiology (3 credits)
  • Aural Rehabilitation (3 credits)

Additionally, the pending prerequisite courses taken during the MS-SLP program are not eligible for Title IV federal financial aid.

You can find our SLP grad school requirements form here.

GRE: The GRE is no longer among the speech pathology degree requirements.

Additional Speech Pathology Application Requirements

Resume: Include a current resume or curriculum vitae with your application.

Statement of Purpose: A writing sample of two, double-spaced pages in 12-point, Times New Roman or Arial font answering the question Why do you think you can make a difference in speech-language pathology? is one of our SLP grad school requirements.

Interview: Virtual interview (e.g., via Zoom) as needed.

Letters of Recommendation: Applicants are required to submit two letters of professional recommendation (e.g., professor, supervisor, or employer) preferably on professional letterhead.


Observation Hours: A minimum of 25 guided observation hours in a speech-language pathology setting with an ASHA certified SLP is another speech pathology requirement for the USAHS program. Applicants can use this form to log observation hours. Volunteer opportunities and work experiences do not meet this requirement. MS-SLP applicants can have their application moved to the next stage with less than 25 guided observation hours completed if the applicant presents one of the following provisions:

  1. Proof they are currently enrolled in a course that has been approved by the Program Director (PD) or Assistant Program Director (APD) that will fulfill the observation hours required on or prior to the orientation date. The applicant will provide documentation of the 25 guided observation hours by the end of the course and proof of final grade received for the course no later than the orientation date; or
  2. Attestation to not having completed the full 25 guided observation hours as of the date of signing the MS-SLP Pending Observation Hours Acknowledgment Form and agreement to complete and track the required observation hours needed on this form on or before the orientation date. This form requires the supervising SLP’s signature and ASHA number. Admissions will confirm the SLP is certified through ASHA.

As an SLP graduate school requirement, successful completion of these guided observation hours is a condition to continue in the program. The 25 guided observation hours must be completed by the prospective student on or before their orientation date to proceed in the program.

Additional Information Masters in Speech-Language Pathology Program Requirements

  • A comprehensive background check requiring fingerprints and drug screen will be administered after acceptance into the program and at the applicant’s expense. A felony charge and or conviction may affect a graduate’s ability to attend clinical practicums necessary for graduation and certification or attain state licensure.
  • The MS-SLP program is a hybrid program requiring both online (distance education) and face-to-face class participation during residencies. As such, one of our speech pathology requirements is that online learners need access to/use of a computer/word processor and basic technical skills to succeed. These skills include the ability to create new documents, use a word processing program, navigate the Internet, use an online course management system, and download software. Attendance requirements are enforced.

SLP Grad School Requirements for International Applicants

Foreign-trained candidates who do not require a student visa to participate in university courses and/or degrees can be considered for admission. However, there are a few additional speech pathology degree requirements to keep in mind. All instruction in the speech pathology program is conducted in English. To be considered, a candidate must submit:

  • Transcripts (original and a translated version, if applicable) and a credentialing evaluation from an agency recognized by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) that provide evidence of training at a level equivalent to that of a bachelor’s degree in the United States.
  • Official TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score report if their education was completed in a language other than English or they reside in a non-English speaking country. A minimum score of 550 (paper-based testing), 210 (computer-based testing) or 89 (IBT – Internet based testing) is required.

*Additional coursework will be combined into a plan of study that you create with your advisor. The Program Director will need to approve the plan of study.

Misrepresentation of Academic Credentials

Misrepresentation of academic credentials includes presenting information known as false and with the intent of obtaining employment or admission to an educational program at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Statements made and documents supplied by University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences’ applicants and students must be complete and accurate. The University will not tolerate any misrepresentation by a student or applicant of past or current academic programs, degrees, or professional accomplishments. If unexplained discrepancies appear between statements or documents provided to University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences and information obtained otherwise, except in the case of misspellings and other such inadvertent errors, applicants may be rejected for admission and enrolled students may be dismissed.

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