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| 12 June 2024

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Alumni Force for Good: Dr. Sha’Rose Erion’s Mission to Revolutionize Pelvic Health Therapy

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Sha’Rose Erion, PT, DPT, CEO and owner of Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy, embodies the essence of empowerment and inclusivity in her work. Dr. Erion, USAHS DPT 2020, is a 2023 Force for Good Alumni Video Contest Honorable Mention recipient.

The video competition celebrates the impact that USAHS alumni make in their communities. Dr. Erion plans to use the award to offer free health screenings and continue to provide the public with pelvic health resources.

Dr. Erion’s work is not only inspiring but also symbolic of the profound influence individuals can have within their sphere. Her unique approach to pelvic health therapy and commitment to supporting underserved communities set her apart.

A Force for Purpose-Filled Education

Dr. Erion’s journey into pelvic health therapy began during her time in the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (USAHS).

“I love that USAHS has equipped me with what I need to be a force for good. I know I received a great education and can share that with the world,” she explains

She elaborates, “USAHS Austin was one of the best things that happened for me.” She chose the flex program for its adaptability and found herself immersed in a supportive environment that nurtured her aspirations.

Her experience at USAHS, especially her exploration into pelvic floor therapy for gender affirmation, laid the foundation for her present pursuits. Reflecting on her final year, she says, “I conducted a research project on how pelvic floor physical therapy could benefit gender-affirming care and non-binary individuals.”

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She shared her findings with peers and faculty, and the program director remarked that they had never encountered information presented in such a manner and hoped she would share it with a broad audience.

Dr. Erion’s motivation stems from genuine compassion for people and a desire to assist them in embracing their authentic selves. “I chose pelvic health to serve a diverse range of individuals,” she explains.

“From the black community to the transgender community to anyone seeking better intimacy, my goal is to provide a safe and affirming space for all.”

Studying is a foundation but being a force for good in the real world demands a different approach. Dr. Erion reflects, “Everything in the textbook is so different. It’s the critical thinking component of our education that applies to real-life situations—navigating life, finances and more.” For her, treating holistically is imperative. “If I only looked at one health challenge,” she asserts, “I would be missing what’s going on with the body and life.”

It’s about understanding the broader context—why certain conditions manifest, why some injuries don’t heal properly and how to help individuals live with fewer complexities. This perspective drives her commitment to comprehensive care and the need to address individuals’ underlying causes and challenges.

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A Force for Redefining Patient-Centered Care

At Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy, Dr. Erion’s approach goes beyond treating diagnoses; it focuses on treating the whole person. She explains that our physical, social, emotional and psychological factors contribute to our health. “You are multifaceted,” she emphasizes, “and so should your treatment be.”

Her commitment to holistic health stems from years of witnessing the limitations of traditional insurance-based environments. “I wanted to create a space where patients felt heard and where racial diversity was not just acknowledged but celebrated.”

Drawing from her Australian training, Dr. Erion emphasizes a hands-on, individualized approach to therapy. “Physiotherapy, as I learned it, is about empowering patients to take control of their health journey,” she notes. Through direct access and personalized treatments, she guides her patients to participate in their healing process.

Dr. Erion assures, “You will be heard and provided the tools to stop and prevent pelvic floor dysfunctions such as incontinence, bowel dysfunction and pre/post-surgical complication.”

She believes in inspiring individuals to take charge of their lives and pleasure. “Asking people to take control of that – in their pelvic floor and their whole lives – is what I activate people to do,” she says.

S. Erion pelvis pride

A Force for Advocacy and Activism

As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Dr. Erion sees herself as a catalyst for change. “I’m weird in all the best ways,” she laughs, “and I embrace that fully.” Through community outreach, she aims to inspire others to champion their uniqueness and take action.

“Representation matters,” she affirms. “By sharing my story authentically, I hope to show others that they, too, can be their true selves.”

Dr. Erion’s commitment to helping underserved communities is evident in her initiatives, from free health screenings to tailored services. “It’s about meeting people where they are,” she explains. “Whether it’s providing resources or creating safe spaces, my goal is to enable individuals to live their best lives.”

The unexpected presence of a doctor, particularly a pelvic floor physical therapist (PT), in various settings has been pivotal to her success. From writing magazine articles to local news interviews and community-led events like HIV drives and International Transgender Day of Visibility, she makes it a point to show up. My goal is simple: to be present where people least expect to find such services.

S. Erion at school and traveling

A Force for Future Impact

As Dr. Erion looks to the future, her vision is clear: to expand her reach. “I’m passionate about building out pelvic health clinics that prioritize the well-being of the entire person,” she shares. From business coaching to creating retreats for pelvic health dysfunction, she remains dedicated to pushing boundaries and challenging norms.

Expanding resources includes forging partnerships with chiropractors, who serve as excellent referral sources. She also advocates for retreats that offer participants a comprehensive experience addressing their needs while rejuvenating them. These retreats provide a break from daily life and equip individuals with strategies they can implement upon returning home.

Dr. Erion shares a powerful reminder: “Keep showing up. Regardless of the challenges you face, choose to tackle them head-on.” It’s this unwavering commitment to growth and empowerment that defines Dr. Sha’Rose Erion’s mission—a journey fueled by compassion and resilience.

Connect with Dr. Erion and learn more about her work on her Instagram, @yourpelvically, or check out her website. View her Force for Good Alumni Video Contest submission. Check out USAHS Alumni Association News and Benefits to learn more about the competition.

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